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Blanquerna Sport Congress

The Blanquerna Sport Congress was founded as a space for debate and reflection on certain areas of interest in the field of the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. It brings together students, academics, professionals in the field, representatives of sporting organizations and institutions and the general public.

The Blanquerna Sport Congress has become a point of reference within the sporting world.

XI. May 9, 2013: Organization of important sporting events: the 2014 Basketball World Cup.

X. November 16, 2012: Sport in the Catalonia of the future. Debate on the November 25 election.

IX. April 26, 2012: Elite athletics and the university: a possible duo.

VIII. November 4, 2011: Public policy on sports: from the EU to locan agencies.

VII. April 5, 2011: Debate on public policy on sports in the city of Barcelona.

VI. 11 December 11, 2009: Football, beyond the ball.

V. May 9, 2009: II Interscholastic Chronojump Day.

IV. May 21, 2008: Maria? No thanks. Arguments in favor of the presence of Physical Education in schools.

III. May 24, 2007: Values and beliefs in sport.

II. May 24, 2006: Use of physical education and sport in the integration of recent immigrants.

I. May 25, 2005: Forming personality through sport.