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Job placement


According to the scores from the Catalan (AQU), published in the study University and Work in Catalonia 2011, measuring the degree of job placement of those with degrees at Catalan universitie.

– We are the university with the highest employment rate for CAFE graduates in Catalonia (92.5%)

– Among all CAFE programs in Catalonia, we have the best employment rate within three months of graduation (85% as compared to 74% for other Catalan univiersities).

– We have the connection to the business world of all CAFE programs in that 90% of our students have jobs in the field two years after finishing their degrees (as compared to 68% for other Catalan universities).

– 65% of our graduates have a permanent employment contract three years after finishing their degrees (as compared to 51% for other Catalan universities).

– Our graduates are the most likely to have a position that is appropriate for university graduates (95% as compared to 85% for graduates of other Catalan universities).

– The percentage of our graduates earning over 2,000€ a month is the highest among Catalan universities (42.86% as compared to an average of 31.16% among all graduates).