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Elite athletes

The advising service for students who are elite athletes at FPCEE Blanquerna was founded during the 2003-04 school year, only two years after the start of the degree programs in the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, in the face of increasing demand for quality university education. The overall goal of the service is to provide these students with assistance in incorporating university studies through individualized attention, while never losing sight of the pursuit of excellence and academic rigor. This sort of program to take into account diversity among students already exists at a high school level, and it is only logical for it to continue to be offered by universities. In order to offer these advising services with the greatest possible degree of institutional support, in 2008 the Universitat Ramon Llull signed a collaboration agreement with the CAR in Sant Cugat, and has also developed programs with the CSD. This work is being done together with other universities that are especially sensitive to students who combine elite athletics and university studies. At the same time, other programs along the same lines have been developed, such as the Athlete Career Program of the International Olympic Committee (ICO) and Dual Career, founded by the European Education and Training Commission. This advising service is highly efficient for these athletes thanks to the commitment of the faculty members involved, who adapt the curriculum and change exam dates and due dates for papers according to the needs of the elite athletes. The presence of professors who are sensitive to these needs helps to bring about greater mutual understanding between professors and students and an appreciation of the various situations the advising service may have to resolve.

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