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Welcome to the CAFE website!

Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University has been offering the degree course in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (CAFE in Spanish) since the 2001-2002 academic year, and was a pioneer in the adaptation to the Bologna Process.

Current society demands for professionals with competences in all the fields of physical activity and sport in order to promote healthy habits and social behaviours of respect, solidarity and cooperation. In Blanquerna-URL we meet this need with our particular style, a characteristic model based on personalized attention, compulsory placements throughout the course, and professionalizing seminars.

CAFE Blanquerna has a specific programme for high-performance athletes, which allows them to combine their university studies and sports practice with rigour and a high level of requirement. Students with some kind of disability can also continue with their education in an inclusive manner.

The close relationship with the professional world (connections with educational centres, sports clubs, public entities and sports companies), the more than 500 agreements with centres where our students can carry out their placements, and the annual CAFE Blanquerna-Company Conference, result in our graduates’ level of employability being quite high, the highest in the university system in Catalonia.


Marta Moragas, PhD
Director of the Blanquerna-URL degree in CAFE