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Pepi Herrero

“Blanquerna is something more than just a university. It’s a path towards personal and professional growth. Without a doubt, my short but intense period there was a turning point in my life.

It provided me with a solid foundation, while at the same time awakening and strengthening within me a spirit of struggle and sacrifice, two virtues that are indispensable in the working world today. I met classmates who taught me a lot and who remain great friends today. The professors lent me support and assessed me from both a professional and personal standpoint. But above all this university provided me with the resources I needed to become a competent professional in the management and health sector.

I can’t se Blanquerna as just a building where I took classes to get a degree. When I think about the place, I am flooded with lots of memories of the people with whom I shared those years and how my life was enriched by the experience. I can only express my gratitude that I was able to take the first step in what I hope will be a long professional life at Blanquerna”.

Manager and founder of Pilates Contrology, management and health sector