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Maria Llaudó

After having completed my studies as a physiotherapist, I decided to continue my academic career by enrolling in the degree program in the Sciences of Sport and Physical Activity. Sports had always been a way of life for me, but they are also a professional tool, in terms of encouraging healthy sports activities among my patients. So I started the degree program motivated by my desire both to enjoy it and to learn as much as possible. These goals were not very hard to achieve because both the methodology employed in the classes and the efforts of the professors paved the way for success. I remember highly personalized treatment of the students, with a special emphasis on continuous assessment, and while at the time I may have complained about the workload, I now see it as a good opportunity to work hard throughout the semester and not fall victim to the mistake of leaving everything for the last minute, and this diligence can now be applied to my way of working in my professional life. But above and beyond the aspects of the program that were strictly related to sports, I can also say that I was provided with the necessary foundation in management that has helped me to create my own company.”

Manager and Physiotherapist at Calm Espai (Mataró)